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yay! First I have to say that my 6-yr old daughter raved about this and is letting me pack the leftovers for her school lunch. Just for that it gets 5 stars!!<br/>I had to make a few substitutions, for the pimiento and the pickles I substituted green olives. I think it worked well but would be willing to try the pickles in the future. I used a small amount (between 1/4 and 1/3 cup) of red onions but in the future hubby would like me to leave them out unless sweet onions are in season. They weren't bad in the initial flavor but left an oniony aftertaste. Rather than making tea sandwhiches I made a traditional two faced sandwhich for a dinner to go. My daughter is excited to use these for a tea someday if we throw one for her friends. Reviewed for Bargain Basement tag game.

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Chef Tweaker April 04, 2013
Vegetable Tea Sandwiches