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I followed this recipe exactly except I left out the mint leaves because we don't like fresh mint. I was so excited when I first starting filling the phyllo pastry with the filling because having tasted the filling it was really really good. The problem is that the one sheet of phyllo pastry folded over and wrapped around the mashed potato mixture was too thin, and the part of the pastry that had contact with the potatoes didn't cook very well even though I used the maximum suggested cooking time. What resulted was a samosa that was so delicate that we couldn't pick them up to eat, there needed to be a much much more substantial amount of dough or pastry around it to hold it together properly. Again, the mixute was fantastic, and I could have eaten that by itself, but if I were to make this recipe again I would not use phyllo pastry.

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I Cook Therefore I Am January 05, 2008
Vegetable Samosas