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these were good i didnt get 12 though and the 10 i got were small. i thought there was too much spinich and next time will use more egg, less spinich. also next time i will microwave my peppers and onion a minute or so to cook them a little since they were still rawish. its hard to tell how much salt to put in when you cant taste the uncooked product, i may have needed more.. i used a mixture of cheddar and some italian cheese chunks that were really good with the spinich and i added a bunch of fresh chopped herbs from my garden. the versitality of these is unlimitied and i am excited to try them again with new ideas.. this is a great way to make eggs more portable! i found that these are not good frozen and reheated as they turn a bit watery. they are much better the first day. i ended up throwing a lot away because i thought you could freeze them.

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sprue July 30, 2007

Made the South Beach Diet much easier to follow (and I'm a carb addict through and through). A fantastic breakfast recipe, but I found myself snacking on them at any time during the day, especially during the first two weeks when food was constantly on my mind.

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Maggi Lynn June 13, 2007

These were awesome my husband and kids called them mumlets, b/c they taste just like an omelet made in a muffin pan. I used yellow bell peppers and an Italian mix of cheese. I also did not use the muffin pan liners and they still turned out fantastic. The family says they are great with maple syrup but I liked them just the way they were. Thanks for sharing.

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Pixie's Kitchen May 28, 2007

Delicious and a great way to use up left over fresh veggies and stretch them for another meal! I used mild cheddar cheese and a mix of whole eggs and egg whites as another reviewer did. I had left over veggies from another recipe...zucchini, onion, red bell pepper and I used the spinach too. I put about 2 tsps of Texas Pete Hot sauce in the mix. I did not use baking cups as I used my non-stick muffin pan and still sprayed it with cooking spray. They did not stick at all, came out beautifully! DH saw me mixing it all up and said, "Wow, I bet they are going to be delicious and pretty! You are going to take a photo, aren't you!?" LOL! True Zaar hubby! My intentions are to freeze some of these, but am not sure they will last that long! However, I will definitely be making more soon, so I can take some to work for breakfast! Thanks for a keeper Amber Dawn!

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Bobtail October 22, 2006

This was ridiculously easy to make. I am a college student who has very little time to make anything and this is so quick and convienent to whip up the night before. Since I'm not on a diet and since I didn't have peppers on hand, I added two tablespoons of French Onion Dip and doubled the amount of onion in the quiche. Delicious, and the family loved it- my cooking guinea pigs =)

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Tara! August 10, 2006

These were really very good and very easy. You can tweak them any way you want with whatever you've got on hand. I cooked some crumbled hot Italian sausage and sautéed the onions and an assortment of red & green peppers in the drippings. Used real eggs, a little milk, and whipped in a bit of ricotta that I needed to get rid of. Added Colby Jack, Parmesan, an Italian herb mixture and a dash of chipotle powder. Also stirred some green onions into the egg mixture. My brother happened to drop by as these were cooling on a rack. He snatched one, gobbled it down, said, "Oooh, those are GOOD!" Came back and snatched another! I quickly hid them. I just ate the last one this morning and will be making another batch soon. I've enjoyed these in so many different ways; with a side of black beans, on a bed of baby lettuces in vinaigrette, or quickly wrapped in a hot, buttered tortilla. I find that they reheat better in a toaster oven than the microwave. They are wonderful to have on hand, and thanks so much for a great recipe!

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CalGal April 08, 2015

I love these.. I am not a spinach person so i ditch it and add a can (drained) of asparagus. I put it all in my food processor and pulse a few times and voila! put in the muffin tin and into the oven. I keep them in the freezer and microwave when i want one. these are great.

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MyMagicMoo November 05, 2009

Great recipe, I've been making these for about 6 months now, sometimes I change things up a biy by adding roasted peppers and grated parmesean or locatelli instead of the peppers and cheddar... also good with some cubed smoked turkey or low fat ham in it. Thank you dale! for posting this

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CHRISSYG October 04, 2009

Though it was fully cooked, these somehow tasted like raw onion. I really did not like the flavor. It might have been better if I sauteed the onions and peppers first, until carmelized. It was easy to bring together, but we ended up throwing out the whole batch as inedible. The only modification I made to the recipe was to use 3 real eggs rather than 3/4 cup egg substitute.

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JeannaLW June 29, 2008
Vegetable Quiche Cups -SBD-