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I am not going to rate this recipe because I alterted it too much to comment on the actual flavor of the recipe as it was written. However the instructions were vague. "until tender" is mentioned in step one and two for the same vegetables. Is the egg in the crust beaten before it is added? What temperature should the mash potatoes be? I like the recipe but the instructions need work.

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Annie M. July 14, 2005

Very easy, comforting dish. I added in some peas and broccoli, used a nice home made roasted garlic vegetable broth, and used fresh tarragon, parsley and a bit of basil. I pretty much followed the directions as written although it did take longer than 15 minutes for my vegetabes to be the way we like them, and I did try the suggestion of adding them in at different times. These froze very well, thanks, Tish!

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Chef Edlear September 13, 2008

I also altered it somewhat, but will rate in anyhow. I added 2 finely chopped garlic cloves, and uncooked corn cut from the cob. I also used 2 cups of vegetable bullion, rather than a can of broth. This, I think, was a bit extra liquid, but with the extra vegetables, I think it balanced out. I also used black pepper instead of white pepper and lots and lots of dill instead of terragon, which I decided I didn't care for the smell of. I also added half a package of firm tofu, cubed. I started cooking the carrots and potatoes first in the olive oil, since they tend to take longer. Once these were 'half cooked' I added all of the other vegetables. The tofu was added just after the broth/milk/spices, once the rest of the vegetables were cooked, but not super well done (they're going into the oven too) I ended up using 5 aluminum 4 inch pie plates and had just enough mashed potatoes to cover. I didn't plan ahead, though, because I filled the tins too much and the gravy boiled over everywhere. I saved two when the tops were half cooked and put them in the freezer to eat another day. The others I ate, with them actually tasting better the second day, although I haven't found a way to reheat them quickly and easily. I liked that this is a good alternative to pastry shells; kind of like mini servings of stew but it's unfortunate that the fat levels are fairly high. Good recipe, though. I will try it again sometime.

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East Coast Student July 17, 2007
Vegetable Pot Pie / Pies With Mashed Potato Crust