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Great instructions, easy to follow and just the right touch for a beautiful, special day dinner. The cabbage idea to hold the little beauties is great.. Love the carrot tulips, radish roses etc. The varying lengths of the skewers may be a simple suggestion but it is one that makes the presentation. I had fun doing the display and my guests had fun looking at it and devouring it - had a lovely low cal dip on the side Thanks Karen

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Bergy July 05, 2002

I have not made it, however, I looked at the instructions for an upcoming party in Dec. Very easy, great pic, beautiful. I will definitely make that and considering they are just veggies I know the dish will be good. Wonderful presentation and centerpiece. I will be sure to get back after the holidays, but I doubt my rating would change. Very Nice

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SarasotaCook November 24, 2009

I just found this recipe, but have done this in the past. I made this for my daughters wedding reception and it was a HUGE hit. People took pictures of it!!! I used a new wicker laundry size basket to make it large enough for the number of guests. I had to create a false bottom for the basket in order to in order to raise the height of the bouquet and then used 3 cut cabbages to cover the bottom. I filled it with 900 skewers of vegetables. What a showstopper!! I used it as the "centerpiece" on one snack table with 3 choices of dips, tiny breadsticks in another basket, a mirrored wicker framed tray with 4 cheeseballs & crackers. It definitely was worth the work involved as it is still one of the most talked about items served.

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Susie D November 15, 2004
Vegetable Party Bouquet