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We cut the cabbage in half (not huge cabbage fans here)) and the sauce liguids by some. Added more garlic, more caraway and more paprika, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper and got rave reviews.

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Janine Marie W November 05, 2006

I liked it; although it was a bit bland and their WAS too much sauce. I compensated by mixing the noodles within the mixture and adding cajun seasoning to the mix.

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mejeffrey October 25, 2005

I served this with Hungarian Nokedli (#54823). DH and I both liked this for lunch today. Like Kumquat's Friend, I added a little bit of thickener because I didn't think it was thickening up quite enough. I also used a little more potatoes, because I like them, and a little less peppers. Unlike Kumquat, I would have liked more sauce, but DH thought it was just right. I accidently forgot the lemon rind...oops.

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Ms*Bindy October 16, 2005

Nice recipe with some adjustments. I thought the sauce would turn out too thin without a thickening agent, so I added about 1 1/2 tablespoons corn starch (mixed with the tomato juice) while simmering, and IMHO that made the consistency perfect. There was a pretty high sauce to vegetable ratio, but that was okay (noodles soaked some of it up). I'm not concerned about my salt intake so I used salted tomato juice and also added extra salt after tasting. I used hot Hungarian paprika instead of sweet. That gave it more bite. This recipe may still need a little tweaking otherwise. Toni is good at that, but I will add a suggestion meanwhile. I could see adding more garlic and perhaps substituting a combination of low-fat yogurt (if you are not vegan - is there soy yogurt?) and vegetable broth for the milk (in this case, corn starch should be reduced). Vegetables were nicely done in time given, and I liked the addition of caraway seeds and lemon rind. Thanks for the recipe Toni!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend October 13, 2005
Vegetable Paprikash