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I threw this in the crockpot, as I was very busy and didn't want to think about dinner. I had no celery (someone ate it up on me!) and no zucchini, so I left those out. I also substituted vegetable broth for the tomato juice. It was still wonderful! The seasoning was heavenly, it was filling, and after all the holiday meals this week, it felt great to have something so satisfying, yet so healthy! Good job!

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Sudie December 29, 2002

Lentils are one of my favorite, for lack of a better word,legume. This stew was so delicious. My husband and I had 2 big bowls full. Very filling and we thought the seasonings were spot on. Our tummys were full and we were so happy. Thanks for sharing this.

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jerri822 November 17, 2002

This recipe was delicious!!!!!! I did not go exactly by the recipe though. Instead of using tomato sauce, I used spaghetti sauce. I did not have canned tomatoes, so I substituted and used a can of okra and tomatoes and then added one big fresh tomato. I also added some green bell pepper I had on hand. I did not have onions so I added scallions and minced onion. I did not have parsley, oregano, basil, thyme or bay leaf. So instead I added 2 teaspoons of a medley (that had oregano, thyme, basil, bay, rosemary, parsley, etc.) that I had on hand. I added more garlic than the recipe called for (I did not have fresh garlic so I used minced garlic). I did not have lemon, so instead I poured in some grapefruit juice. I also added a can of drained corn and a can of spinach (I did not drain the spinach). Instead of brown rice I used white rice. I also added a yellow squash. I did not add any potatoes because I did not have any on hand. It seemed like it was not seasoned enough, but like I said I did not have all the seasonings on hand that this recipe called for, so that could have been why. But other than that I loved it. Even my two kids loved it. They ate and ate and ate. My kids are 3 (almost 4 years old) and 2 years old. I am going to have to make this again. There was enough left for about two more meals.

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pamela23245 September 10, 2013

I liked this, but didn't love it and can't quite figure out why. It does make a TON of stew, which was nice, because I didn't have to cook for a couple of days (I love cooking, but sometimes, you just need a break). I made a couple of substitutions, based on what I had in the pantry - mixed lentils/dried peas (tasty!), an 8oz can of tomato sauce and water for the juice, chicken stock for the water, celery seed for the celery, eggplant for the zucchini, dried parsley for fresh, and I added 1 lb of sausage (my husband likes his meat). Very hearty and good, I will probably make it again, next time with celery instead of seed and maybe less tomato sauce. This would be a great dish for a potluck or dinner party with lots of people to help eat it all!

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Jmommy209 January 10, 2010

Sorry, I wanted to like this but just couldn't. And it makes a ton (and I made a half recipe--at least 10 servings for me)! I used some beef broth (1 cup) in place of same amount of tomato juice since I thought it might be a bit tomatoey. I recommend adding the potato initially with the first round of cooking b/c despite cooking for over 1 hour, the potato was still rock hard (and it was pretty small pieces). Guess it's just a matter of taste, but sorry, won't be making this again.

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StacyMD187373 November 03, 2009

Absolutely delicious, what a nice, thick, incredibly flavorful stew! I made this last week and enjoyed it all week long, and I'm about to make another batch for next week! I used sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, and I left out the rice....turned out great!

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Schwrl2 October 31, 2009

I knew I had to give 5 stars when my 1 year old gobbled up her whole bowl. So healthy and full of all the things I want my baby eating. I served this stew topped with cheddar cheese and my husband had some sour cream with his. I will use this recipe again for sure.

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FrVanilla September 01, 2009

this was ok. i didn't have carrots, but i added an extra zucchini and extra celery. there seemed to be something lacking in the flavor- i can't put my finger on it though. dh said it tastes "very lentily" and i could really taste the basil and oregano.

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newmama February 09, 2008

This was so good. I thought it was thick like stew and very flavorful. My 10 yr. old has been a vegetarian for 4 years so I'm always looking for good vegetarian recipes for him. He thought it was very good too. It makes a lot of stew so I'll be able to freeze some too. Thanks for the recipe.

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cam063 September 21, 2007

I think Nurse Di was looking in my kitchen cupboards when she posted this recipe. It was one of those happy 'Zaar moments when I happened to have everything it called for, and it turned out great. I did the slow cooker option that one of the reviews suggested. It does make a huge quantity, so would be good for freezing I think, but we had it again the next day. Thanks for posting Nurse Di!

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Ppaperdoll September 02, 2005
Vegetable-Lentil Stew