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Wonderful recipe! We don't care for veg lasagna in red sauce. I made extra Bechamel sauce and also added a small container of ricotta. Eliminated the mushrooms and added shredded carrots. Delish. Just the way we like vegetable lasagna.

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Marich December 17, 2008

Made this for dinner last night and it was enjoyed by all. It was my first time making a vegetable lasagna and it went together nicely. I used about 2 1/2 cups of milk and was glad to have the extra sauce. I made 3 layers and there was enough bechamel sauce for the top, but definitely not too much. Thanks for sharing.

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GibbyLou September 26, 2010

I used this basic recipe for a chicken lasagna. I found the sauce to VERY thick. I added quite a bit more milk so that I ended up with 4 cups of sauce the consistency of an Alfredo sauce. I also added a little nutmeg, garlic powder and salt for more flavor.

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joymorsels December 28, 2009

This was incredible! The best veggie lasagna I've ever had and a big hit even with the non-veggie-lovers in my family. I subbed cottage cheese for the ricotta and squash for the zucchini because it's what I had. Will definitely make it again! Thanks for posting!

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Burgundy Damsel August 07, 2009

This was really tasty. I used broccoli instead of mushrooms. I loved the addition of curry paste, it added a nice kick. Thanks!

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Kitzy January 03, 2009

I have made lasagne of all varieties for many years. "white" lasagne is my favorite. I tried this recipe last week and really enjoyed the outcome. I make a bechamel lasagne that is always a hit a dinner parties and potlucks. For a variation sometime try beating an egg into 15oz of ricotta and layering in with the other ingredients. a layer or two of fresh asparagus is also a nice variation when in season.

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okrapants December 07, 2008

I really enjoyed this recipe. It was a wonderful way to get a couple servings of veges into my meal plan today. I made "Grilled Zucchini (And Other Vegetables)" as a side dish a few days ago and intentionally made extra for this recipe; so I could skip that step. I also made this in a 9" Spring Form round pan, so I cut the recipe in half and made 3/4 of the Bechamel Sauce. Instead of Bechamel, I topped mine with heavy whipping cream and mozzarella cheese. It all turned out fine and the taste was wonderful! I also heated red sauce and served it on the side for topping! Very yummy!

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Cook4_6 June 09, 2008

I liked this recipe, but I would change some things next time I make it. One, I would prepare more bechamel sauce ( maybe using 4 cups milk ). Secondly, I would add the zucchini ( sliced ) along with the mushrooms, onions and garlic in the skillet. Roasting the zucchini was a little time consuming . Anyway, my husband LOVED it ! Thank you so much for the recipe :o) ! Made for Australian/New Zealand Cooking Swap.

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Chef Glaucia March 31, 2008

This is one tasty lasagna!!! :) You can add whatever veggies you have on hand!! Added some red bell peppers, more zucchini and loved the layers of lasagna, cheese, sauce and spinach!! Used a whole can of tomato paste and a 24 oz can of diced tomatoes. Thanks 2Bleu - can't wait to have the leftovers!! :) Made for Photo Tag

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Redsie December 20, 2007

the final product was delicious - the recipe directions omit a couple things 1) calls for a can of diced tomatoes but in the recipe it only mentions adding sliced tomatoes and never mentions what to do with the sliced red peppers (I added the diced can of tomatoes to the vegetable mix and simmered and put the sliced red peppers on the layer with the spinach. The second issue was with the Béchamel sauce, it calls for parmesan cheese but in the directions never mentions adding it....I threw it in figuring that was where it was suppose to go. :)I used fat-free cottage cheese; reduced fat parmesan, the equivalent to 1/2 a stick of butter with my lowfat benecol, and skim milk. The sauce thickened perfectly the entire dish was fabulous, you do not miss the full fat anything because of all the cheese - my husband even loved it! Thank you for sharing!<br/><br/>Update: with the changes I made I got the calories per serving down to 280, Fat 5.6, Fat Calories 50, Cholesterol 43mg Carbs and Sodium stayed the same except dietary fiber went up from 2.6 to 4.2; Protein 15.6 - my husband is having seconds, I don't think he has noticed there is no meat in this dish! Thank you thank you!

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Barb_in_Indy June 09, 2013
Vegetable Lasagna With a Thick Bechamel Sauce