Vegetable Hobo Dinners

Recipe by 49flavours

These pouch dinners are traditionally made with ground beef while camping, but this vegetable version is a big hit when added to the grill during a cookout. It's very easy and inexpensive to make a delicious and healthy side dish that will feed a large crowd. The fun part is that you can add a little more or less of any ingredient, or even substitute completely.

Top Review by Dreamer in Ontario

I made two versions of this tonight, with mushrooms and without. These delicious little packets were enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for posting. Made for My Three Chefs June 2012

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  1. TIP: Chop the vegetables in sizes that relate to how quickly they cook. For example, chop the carrots smaller than the mushrooms.
  2. Poke holes in the potatoes with a fork. Wrap each potates individually in a paper towel and microwave them together for 4-5 minutes before peeling and chopping.
  3. Make 4 large aluminum foil pouches by folding the foil in half and then rolling the sides over at least 3 times. Add one fourth of each ingredient per pouch. Roll the top over to seal tightly.
  4. Place the pouches on a hot grill and carefully turn and rotate every 5-10 minutes until all of the vegetables are soft or about 25-30 minutes. Leave the pouches closed until you are ready to serve.

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