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I was missing so many ingriedients, but it was still amazing. I had 1 onion, no peanut oil, bean sprouts, cabbage, or peas. I used 2 whole eggs and double the rice and carrots and soy sauce. It was still amazing. I'm sure if i had everything, it would be even better. Perfect for chinese new year '09

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Cori<3 January 28, 2009

This was really delicious! I was a bit confused on the part about adding more water to cooked rice and simmering, so instead I started with about 2 cups of cooked rice (I used white rice) and skipped that part. The directions didn't indicate when to add the peas, cabbage, so I just added them at the same time as the onions, carrots, etc. I also used an entire beaten egg. I do think that the sesame oil and soy sauce at the end really added a nice final touch.

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Maggie, Cooking May 20, 2008

I'm so glad I tried this recipe! It is very good! The sesame oil adds a wonderful flavor and aroma. I didn't have bean sprouts (although I love them and will add them next time) so I used some frozen corn. I omitted the egg whites for personal preference. Awesome recipe, thanks so much for sharing!

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Heather'sKitchen October 31, 2007

I followed the recipe exactly and this turned out horrible. Boiling the cooked rice, step 1, made it turn into a giant lump of squishy, creamy rice. In the end there were no individual grains of rice but rather just a pile of squished rice-type substance. I was expecting a lot more from this recipe given the description.

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HippieVeganMamaTo5 January 28, 2012
Vegetable Fried Brown Rice