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Garlic contains a compound named thiosulphate. In extremely high levels thiosulphate can be a dangerous toxin that cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. But we’re not talking about garlic dog treats, supplemental garlic, or healthy table scraps that may have included fresh garlic in the recipe. We’re talking about situations where your pet sniffs out several bulbs of garlic you were about to use for a giant batch of homemade spaghetti sauce for the whole neighborhood and winds up eating 50 cloves in one sitting. So, putting a little garlic powder in your dog's treat or in foods you give him isn't going to kill him.

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Midnight Sun Chef July 14, 2008

Garlic is a poison for all pooches. So are onions, mushrooms, potato peels, butter, fat renderings and countless other things that we eat every day. Please be educated when using someone elses recipe fellow dog lovers.

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love_thy_pup June 17, 2008
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