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This is an excellent recipe. Really, really tasty and so easy to throw together. I think I would have used about 8 or so cups of cut up vegies. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, onion and a handful of frozen peas. I also added some fresh basil and parsley out of my garden as well as a shake of garlic salt as I only had plain cream cheese on hand. I did need to cook quite a bit longer than stated. About 90 minutes and maybe because of the amount of veggies I used. This one goes into my favourites cookbook!

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Jewelies August 18, 2008

What an easy, creamy and tasty vegetable bake. This went down well with even my pickiest eaters. I used carrots, broccoli, potatoes, onions, pumpkin as they were the vegies I had at hand. Any vegetable mix would be great for this recipe and it's just so easy to bung it in the oven while preparing the rest of the dinner. Thanks mariarch for a tasty recipe!

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Fairy Nuff August 14, 2008

LOVED the taste and variety of textures! I found the recipe difficult to follow. It took me an hour to cut all the vegetables and the recipe calls for 10 minutes of prep. The amounts were also willy-nilly. There is absolutely no way all the stated amounts could possibly fit in a casserole dish and feed only four people. Mine ended up being my largest casserole dish(after I cut the recipe down a lot!) and we had tons of leftovers after 6 people had at it. In short, I loved the end product, but figuring out how to make it was hell!

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MoC October 27, 2007
Vegetable Bake