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I made this as a vegetarian dish for our Labor Day cookout, and it was a real hit! I doubled the recipe, made it earlier in the day, and only cooked it for 20 minutes. Later on, I put it in the slow cooker about an hour before serving -- the casserole finished cooking and it kept it at the right temperature so I could scoop it out into a bowl when it was time to eat. I used 4 tbsps.of olive oil, because the eggplant soaked up the first 2 tbsps. very quickly and the veggies started to stick to the pan. I also added a can of diced tomatoes -- for some more flavor of tomato and for extra liquid. I loved this -- and the addition of the chiles gave it just the right touch. I've noted this as a keeper for an easy and delicious casserole -- perfect for large gatherings.

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TasteTester September 07, 2010
Vegetable and Tomato Casserole