Vegemite on Toast

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Chef floWer

Vegemite is an Australian food icon, which can be consumed daily. It is a spread made mainly from concentrated yeast extract that is leftover from the beer brewing process, but that doesn't make it alcoholic.

Top Review by iknitok

How clever of you to submit this as a recipe! Yum! I've loved vegemite since I was a kid (of course) but I have to admit that I spread about six times the amount you show - but then, I eat it by the spoonful (or off the spreading knife, lol).
NO comparison with marmite or promite though, please! Neither are nearly as good! :D

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 slices bread, preferable white
  • 18 teaspoon vegemite, more if you are game
  • 12 teaspoon butter or 12 teaspoon margarine, Generous serve is recommended


  1. Toast your favourite variety of bread, butter it generously and spread a thin layer of Vegemite on it. (Reminder, this is very flavoursdome stuff so you don't need to use much at all).
  2. Other variations include:.
  3. - vegemite on toast with cheese, then grill to melt.
  4. - vegemite with cheese and tomato, then grill.

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