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I am a chef, and found this recipe very confusing. It calls for live lobster, yet gives no killing, cleaning or clear prep instructions. Parts of lobster need to be removed and other parts cleaned or your entire dish will taste like fish roe. Also the multitude of ingedients are overwhelming. Hate to think of someone trying to entertain, after spending all that money on lobster, cream and cheese, wrestling the mess,the worry of not BOILING cheese and heavy cream and finding a pot to boil two gallons of water for 2 LBs of pasta. The instructions end with no finish to the dish. Pass on this. Broil a lobster tail and toss some pasta using other recipes.

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Cheftesss December 27, 2008

The best ever!!

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redsonjasangels February 24, 2009
Vegas Style Mac 'n' Cheese With Grilled Lobster