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These worked out quite nicely. I found that there wasn't enough liquid to call it batter, it more resembled cookie dough - so I added about 1/4 more soy milk and that did the trick. I also had to sub another flour for the teff, just because it's hard to find here. It's a very tasty muffin and goes together very quickly. I wanted to have muffins on the larger size, so I made 9 instead of 12 - think they'd be quite small if you made 12. At 400 degrees I had a few that really browned on the bottom, an extra minute I think they would have been borderline burnt, so just something to watch depending on your oven. Very tasty muffin, we'll enjoy these. Thanks Veggie Girl! PAC Spring 2010.

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magpie diner April 15, 2010

Excellent muffings - I would give it 5 stars, but felt that it needed a few changes. Like Magpie Diner, I added more soy milk and substituted other flour for the teff. Also, I used only about 1/3 cup sugar and skipped the topping. One other change was that I used more blueberries - probably 1 1/2 cups or so. We felt it was sweet enough this way. Also, using large muffin cups, I made just 6 muffins that I baked for 30 minutes.

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tinyknit July 14, 2013
Vegan Whole-Grain Blueberry Muffins