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This came out awful for me but I'm not going to give it stars since it was my fault it was awful and I wanted to share some tips for anyone else planning to make this!

I used regular (not quick cook) uncooked rice and allowed the rice to cook in the pot. It took about an hour for the rice to be semi-cooked and in the meantime I had to keep adding more water to help it along. This diluted the spices, tomato sauce, etc. each time so I ended up using huge amounts of ingredients. The rice still never quite cooked and it came out terribly bland.

Again, this disaster was my fault- so use quick cooking rice or pre-cook the rice ahead of time!

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EmilyStrikesAgain December 01, 2010

As per AJO's advice, I used extra tomato sauce as well as cooked brown rice. Nice dish, but I did add quite a bit of extra seasoning at the end and if I were to make it again I wouldn't add the sugar. Made for Veg*n tag #2 September 2008, team Banana.

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JanuaryBride September 03, 2008
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