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If I could rate this "10 stars" - I WOULD! Honestly, when I read the list of ingredients, I laughed. I thought that those ingredients could no way create a great tasting truffle. I prepared this recipe on a dare. Well I was WRONG.

OMG! This IS FANTASTIC. Vegans and NON VEGANS - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RECIPE. Its because of the ratings I dared to try it. Silky smooth texture and rich rich flavor. I used semi-sweet chips which were the perfect taste combo for me. BTW if you don't own a scale - 1lb of chocolate chips = 2 2/3 cups ( according to Hershey). That helped since most bags come in 12oz portions. Thanks for this recipe!

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johnevoice March 03, 2011

brilliant! So quick, so easy, so delicious! And you can put flavourings in to change it. We have done rum, coffee and vanilla. All non vegans loved them too. You do have to warn people about nuts though.

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pawsisme February 13, 2010

these are absolutely amazing! i like to cover them in chocolate and white chocolate and let them solidify in little glassine candy cups. (makes them look fancy) i used to freeze the truffles to make them easier to dip in the chocolate, but it apparently makes the truffle concoction contract. and then when they come back to room temperature, the filling will ooze out of any holes or thin areas of the coating. oops! hehe. i must have made these 5 times already, and they're always perfect!

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supercarrot October 05, 2009

Crazy Amazing = Cramazing! Wow. So fast and easy. I didn't have raw cashews so soaked my roasted ones for a couple hours before spinning them up. I would definitely advise to use the raw cashews if you can because roast ones won't fully dissolve like raw will. I made one batch plain and added a tablespoon of chipotle adobo to the second batch for "hot chocolates". Dipped both batches in chocolate and sprinkled the normal ones with powdered sugar and the hot chocolates with a mixture of powdered sugar, cocoa and cayenne. Will be making other batches for certain. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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joop December 25, 2011

WOW! I thought I liked chocolate (brownie junkie that I am), but you have got to LOVE chocolate to appreciate these. Very easy. I was expecting the truffles that I normally buy at the fine chocolatier. I guess the only truffles that I have tasted always had a hard coating/shell. Mine came out just like a chocolate ball, as if I had just melted the chocolate chips and rolled in a ball. I might consider making them again, or with the ones I have left, I would like to try them with a hard candy coating/shell. The problem is that I am not much of a chef at all, but I follow directions really well :-) so, I need some specific instructions how do to so.

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pccreative October 23, 2011

I substituted almond milk for water and added couple of nut liquors for added punch. When the filling was chilled enough I rolled into balls then rolled melted more bittersweet chocolate and rolled the chilled balls in cooled chocolate and covered with roasted cashews... a little more effort, but so worth it!

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pantuka81 May 13, 2011

Freaking addictive! So easy to make and really delicious. I used the microwave since I have nothing approximating a double boiler and it turned out just fine. Love the suggestion below to add flavoured liquors! I will try that this holiday season. I made these for the hols last year and they were gobbled up by everyone. I made one batch with raspberry jam added to it and it was fantastic (but softer than the original batch).

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rusticgirl August 29, 2010

Very good. I did have a little trouble trying to roll them into balls, maybe I didn't let it set for long enough. I will use a small melon baller next time. Anyway, these were great. Rolled them in ground nuts, cocoa powder and some in nuts with a dash of chayenne pepper.

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sryseff January 10, 2010

These are fantastic! I soaked the cashews in cold water for two hours and then drained them before starting recipe. Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips are vegan. I used one 12 ounce bag plus 1/2 cup to make the one pound of chocolate. I followed the instructions on the back of the bag for melting chocolate in the microwave, instead of using a double boiler. Look for small candy cup liners to put these in as they are a perfect size.

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dmor6 November 27, 2009

Just made these again, and this time added some almond paste and Disaronno liqueur when blending the cashews -- wow! And I've been informed by my 13 year old that he prefers a toasted coconut coating. Thanks for a great recipe!

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mangomom September 02, 2009
Vegan Truffles