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This was delicious and satisfied my craving for tiramisu (which I haven't had in about 5 years before I had this) One of the downfalls of this recipe is, there's too much tiramisu filling for the amount of lady fingers you're making. I like to have the tiramisu be mostly lady fingers, as oppose to, filling. Next time, I'll increase the amount of lady fingers as they were delicious, but DON'T dip them in coffee for 5 seconds as recommended because mine just crumbled when I did that. I just quickly tossed them in the coffee, maybe a second on each side. They soak up the coffee nice and fast, so don't do 5 seconds. I made a few changes because I didn't have maple syrup, so I just melted some brown sugar in water. This recipe is worth trying and was fairy easy. Thanks!

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Vegan Sarah June 11, 2012
Vegan Tiramisu