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Delicious! I decided to use thyme and oregano instead of herbs de provence and since I'm not vegan topped with a tiny bit of parm and mozzarella. The only thing I would do different next time would be to do a finer grind on the almonds. The flavors all complimented each other, nothing was was too overpowering. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview February 26, 2015

The best!

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ggtuch January 02, 2015

I made these for my husband who is not vegan and not a big fan of mushrooms. He loved them! There are a lot of steps but it is worth it. Making them for Thanksgiving as an appetizer this year. We'll see how it goes. I made them using big portabella caps as the main dish and the only thing I added was some panko bread crumbs to compensate for not having enough almonds.

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lrc0901 November 18, 2014

I am not vegan, but I have family who are. And enjoy many vegan dishes! I made this for an appetizer for an anniversary family dinner. DELISH! The Vegan and the Non Vegan will enjoy these shrooms!
It does take some time, to prepare all the layers! I made the filling the night before. I omitted the cauliflower and cheese. And used Cremini mushrooms instead of portabellas. But otherwise followed the recipe exactly up to the seasoning. I added additional Tamari, and my herbs of choice were dried basil, thyme, and tarragon. I sprinkled additional minced blanched almonds on top and drizzled EVOO before baking. Put the oven on broil for the last minute, to brown the top and evaporate some liquid. Although some were soaking the remaining juices with their bread it was that good! The cremini's were perfect appetizer size. These shrooms are earthy, hearty, and delish I must say! Always nervous trying a new recipe for special occasion but this is a keeper!

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jeanninederr September 16, 2012

I stuffed medium portabella caps and easily had enough filling for about 24. It was absolutely fabulous as an appetizer and I'll be making this often. In the future instead up chopping up some mushrooms for the stuffing mixture, I'm just going to use the stems from the mushrooms I'm going to stuff. Wouldn't change a thing in the recipe, except maybe instead of all the shredding, I'll just pulse a few times in the food processor. And I used almond meal instead of chopping my own almonds because that's what I had on hand. Worked great. I love this recipe!

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Wish I Could Cook December 18, 2011

I was in a hurry, had only 2 apple, no cauliflower, didn't bother to blanch the almonds before grinding, and by mistake I used the whole package of tofu, but it turned out great and the stuffing quantity was extremely generous which made the end results look outstanding Loved the hint of ginger. This is a new favorite reciple for portobello!

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alyne_hazard April 14, 2010
Vegan Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms.