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I made cupcakes using this recipe and they turned out really well. I never dared to make vegan cake (or cupcakes) before, because I was afraid they would turn out to have the consistency of a brick. Now however I'm addicted to (making) cupcakes. Several of my friends could not believe these cakes were vegan.

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psycho vegan July 31, 2007

OMG...Big Hit..Big Hit...I have tried so many vegan cake recipes.blah..
But this one is delightful..The cake came out fluffy..moist..crusted along edges. My non-vegan eaters ate this in minutes..LOL..they had no idea was vegan...Next time I am going to add some dried fruit...or a vegan cream cheese topping...add some hot choc nut or rice milk for drink...nice desert...
Thank you for a great recipe!

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luvinlife4vr December 15, 2011

Delicious spice cake. Very fluffy and moist!

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Nikoma January 19, 2011

This was a terrific cake! I make a vegan cake every week for a particular customer. This cake knocked her socks off! Now she wants ALL the other cakes I make for her to be this light! This recipe is blessing and a curse! Thanks so much sincerely, Mom-x3! I'm Momx6!

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overcookd November 15, 2009

This is a fabulous recipe! It had just the right amount of moisture without being dense and heavy. Heavier cakes are good depending on what you need, but I typically prefer lighter cakes. I didn't have enough oil, so I substituted the rest with Earth Balance; it worked wonderfully! A couple tips - 1. Don't skimp on ginger ale! I used Vernor's, and it was great. If you want more of a kick, I'd go with Blenheim. 2. If you can, grind your own spices right before using them in this cake. It'll be good either way, but freshly ground spices will make an amazingly fragrant, delicious cake. I recently modified this recipe to make a warm pear ginger cake. I followed the recipe, but added in 2 grated Bosc pears, and 2 chopped Bosc pears. Then I topped it with a pear ginger compote and ginger cream cheese frosting. I imagine you could do the same thing using apples and cinnamon instead and it would turn out just as great!

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ohgeeaflea March 02, 2014
Vegan Spice Cake