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This Thanksgiving we made the Libby's traditional recipe and this one (using a different crust). We did blind taste testing with all members of the family that includes omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. EVERYONE preferred this pie. We used flour instead of cornstarch, and added 1/4 tsp. cloves, because for me pumpkin pie just has to have cloves. Instead of soy milk we used Silk coffee creamer, which is richer. By not using eggs the flavor of the pumpkin is allowed to come through stronger, and the pie is not so "eggy". From now on this is our standard pumpkin pie recipe. The lovely thing about this vegan pie is that everyone in the family can eat it.

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kokeshi doll December 09, 2007

I was looking for a recipe like this to make for Thanksgiving for my dairy-soy-egg allergic 2 year old. I have my own recipe for crust so I am only reviewing the filling. This filling was wonderful! I made a double batch and use a large tart pan instead of a pie plate. This worked out nicely for me too and was a great presentation. One thing that I added to my filling (I was very worried it would not set up) was Orgran Custard Powder. I added 3 tablespoons of this powder to 1/4 Cup of rice milk and mixed. Then I added this to the filling. I also DID NOT add the 1 Cup of soy/rice milk required - as I mentioned above I was very worried about it not setting. It came out wonderfully. Didn't look any different from "normal" pumpkin pie and everyone enjoyed it greatly. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I will use it for many years to come!!!!

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Charli B December 22, 2009

Super, super good!!! Has a nice, richer flavor that doesn't always come with regular pumpkin pies. I also added 1/4 tsp of cloves. One thing that I think really set this over the edge was evaporating the soymilk. Instead of just using a cup of it, I put 3 cups of the milk over low-medium heat and waited for to evaporate down to one cup. I actually wasn't paying attention, and it ended up being a little less than one cup, but I didn't have any troubles! It added a nice creaminess that I think is worth the patience. :) I also used a pecan/oat crust instead of the one in the recipe, so I can't vouch for that part.

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ohgeeaflea April 24, 2014

Rating the filling not crust. Flavor was nice but my texture turned out gooey. I had made a few changes. Used corn syrup instead of granulated cane syrup, used 1/2 cup coconut milk and 1/2 cup soy milk. Skipped molasses. I baked it almost 10 minutes extra, because it was so soupy. Refrigerated for 24 hours before cutting.<br/>I'm new to attempting baking vegan. My husband liked the taste of this better than my past traditional version, but I found both the pumpkin and spice flavors too strong for my taste.<br/>Thanks for posting the recipe!

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jdouce103 November 30, 2014

The flavor was spot on! Really good but we weren't used to the texture. It wasn't as firm as we are used to. Still, we will make it again!

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dolliegyrl June 30, 2012

Made this for Thanksgiving and it was well-received! Thanks!

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Dominick & Amanda December 18, 2011

Brought this to Thanksgiving dinner today. It was a hit! Spicy and sweet and very flavorful. Not as rich as regular pumpkin pie, which I found I missed a lot. (Oh, for just a touch of cream!) But considering that regular pumpkin pie would have been exceedingly non-vegan and made my dairy-free nursling very unhappy... it was an excellent compromise. Everyone liked it! Also much lower in fat and calories, which dieting relatives appreciated.

I liked this crust a lot --- in fact, I liked it better than the simple pie crust I usually use. I might switch to this one instead for my everyday pie-baking. It rolls beautifully and was easy to use. My only concern was that it was a tiny bit too salty. I'd cut the salt in half.

I couldn't figure out where the lemon juice was supposed to go, so I left it out. Anyone have any ideas?

The filling set beautifully and looked gorgeous. I was worried it wouldn't "set" but the texture was excellent. I liked the molasses a lot. I used a medium fresh pumpkin, roasted in the oven until soft, scooped out of the shell and pureed in a food processor, instead of canned. Because the pumpkin is more responsible for the texture of this pie than it would be in a standard pumpkin pie, I would be really hesitant to use canned pumpkin for it. I thought the fresh worked beautifully. Incidentally, the fresh pumpkin is much lighter in color than canned, which means that the molasses didn't darken the color of the pie too much at all.

Like other reviewers, I used 1 cup coconut milk instead of the rice/soy milk, and used ordinary granulated sugar. Otherwise, I kept the recipe as written. I would absolutely make it again. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe, and thanks, Moosewood, for inventing it!!!

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Comtessa November 24, 2011

This is my review from VT. "I made this last night as a test for this year's Thanksgiving pie. Oh...my....goodness! This pie is so good! It's better than any store bought pie I have had. It is really, a perfect pumpkin pie. Not too overwhelming with certain spices. My boyfriend is not big on sweets and certainly not big on vegan food BUT he really, really enjoyed this. He said it was also one of the best he has eaten. I just want to let you all know though...this was for ONLY the FILLING. I did not use this crust recipe. As for the granulated sugar cane syrup, just use regular sugar or turbinado. SIMPLE! It is not custardy or too soft in texture. It holds its shape just like a pumpkin pie should. Try it! You will not be disappointed." Seriously, if you don't like this then I don't know what you think pumpkin pie should taste like ;) Oh and don't add cloves!

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The Veganista November 09, 2011

Another review just reviewing the filling - I had grown pumpkins this year so wanted to try a pie. Used 2.5 c fresh pumpkin in lieu of the canned. The filling was so amazingly tasty uncooked my kids would have done shots of it had I let them. I didn't have any molasses, so just used 1/2 T of dark brown sugar as a substitute. End result was a very good pie. I used Food.com recipe 51537 for a no-roll pie crust which was a super easy perfect compliment to the filling.

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joop November 05, 2011
Vegan Pumpkin Pie