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I just have to give 5 start to this recipe. It adapted very well to my diabetic changes: used whole wheat flour and Porridge Oats which are a mix of large oat flakes, oat bran, wheat bran and flax seed. I also used no sugar added maple flavored syrup. They rose beautifully and are very tender and moist inside. I love that they aren't over sweet but if you have a sweet tooth you'll want to increase the syrup (allow for moisture changes) or add some sugar. The natural PB is the only kind I ever use and the flavor came through in just the right amount.

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Annacia October 25, 2010

A wonderful recipe!!!! The muffins came out so moist on the inside with a lovely crunchy crust and the maple-peanut butter-oat flavour was great! Very deep and yummy!
I added in some chocolate chips as recommended by other reviewers and they were a lovely addition, though the muffins surely would have been great without them, too.
I only needed about 1/2 cup milk to get the dough to the right consistency, so Id advise to pour it in little by little or else your dough might end up too thin.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, smileyfroggy! Ill make it again for sure! :)
Made and reviewed for I Recommend Tag Game August 2010.

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Lalaloula September 01, 2010

I de-veganized these a bit, using an actual egg, and I used apple juice in place of the soymilk. They were very easy to make, and quite good, though with a slightly chewy consistency (might be the egg). All in all, a very satisfactory, pretty healthy muffin.

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Marty the Beagle January 20, 2009

I really liked these...they worked perfect for my "not-so sweet-tooth" I have going on at the moment...(i have just not been in a mood for icky-sweet...& believe you/me i have been known to be an icky type :)...these are just the right 'littlebit' of YUM...I messed with things a little while I was mixing these...using a homemade nut butter of chunky cashews that I have been playing with in which I put some brown sugar-cinnamon and chili spices...I used all WW flour (I am off white right now) ; in addition to the cup of oats I added 1 fat tablespoon of steel-cut oats (for even more texture), 'lite' maple syrup, vanilla soy milk...and an applesauce/banana/flax-seed puree as my egg-sub, then because I am a batter lick-er I decided to add another spoon of cinnamon and a spoon of vanilla extract...when the batter was good enough to eat I stuck it in the oven so I wouldn't :)...I only got 8 muffins but that was probably because of all my playing around and the previously mentioned batter licking (my bad...oops) :)... 8 YUMMY,OATY,NUTTY muffins with a bit or a bite of sweet spice ='s VERY NICE!!! :) -THANKS SMILEYFROGGY-:) will def. make again...

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free-free June 22, 2008

These were pretty good. I added vanilla, used oat flour and added more peanut butter. Natural peanut butter would have been better and chocolate chips are a must. I added some afterwards, but next time they will be mixed in.

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haven't the slightest January 18, 2010

The texture of these was great, but I would have liked a little more sweetness. Definitely enjoyed them, but I may add vanilla or some other flavours next time around.

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day-hee July 21, 2009

Definitely not bad at all. I sprinkled some sugar into the mixture, and it was just the right amount of sweetness. I also used some apple cinnamon style oatmeal with the regular oats (I ran out of plain), and it tasted superb. Very quick and tasty.

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Malice October 07, 2003
Vegan Peanut Butter Oatmeal Muffins