Recipe by Jason

This recipe is a favorite in our household. The pancakes are fluffy and flavorful without eggs or cow milk.

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  1. Mash bananas with cinnamon in a large bowl.
  2. Mix in wet ingredients with whisk.
  3. Mix in flour and other dry ingredients.
  4. Heat skillet to medium heat.
  5. Melt a dollop of non-dairy buttery spread (like Earth Balance) on skillet.
  6. Pour a ladle of mixture onto skillet.
  7. Flip with spatula when bubbles form on top of pancake and look cooked on edge.
  8. Let cook for a few minutes and then remove from skillet and place onto plate.
  9. Repeat until all mixture is used.
  10. Serve warm with your choice condiments and toppings.

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