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Very good! I really liked the seasonings in this. The recipe description says it didn't hold together well. So I added 1 cup of oatmeal cooked in 1/2 cup water. The oatmeal provided the binder, in the absence of eggs, to hold the loaf together. Nice meatless-loaf; thanks for posting it. I will be making this again. I would have given this 5-stars, but I had to keep going over the ingredients to be sure I didn't leave out anything; the ingredients are out-of-order with the directions. Made for My3C.

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Kathy228 November 12, 2008

Just made this last night. The sauteed veggies smelled awesome (we use coconut oil instead) but the whole mashing everything together didn't work out too well. Remember to rinse black beans if they come in a can or yours will have an off taste. Ours didn't stick together too well either. Next times I am going to add more veggies, possibly some sprouts for consistency and only one cup of black beans. It also needs way more spice than listed or else the beans and rice just soak it right up. Best of luck!

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susnjara June 22, 2012

This was great. We first made it at Thanksgiving for my daughter's vegan boyfriend and it got rave reviews. Then we made it for Christmas as well. My oldest son (not vegan) liked it so much my daughter is making it for him as a birthday present because both times we've served it he said he didn't get as much as he'd have liked.

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vizslar February 02, 2009
Vegan Meatloaf #1