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The final result was amazing, but I docked a star because I had to change the recipe. I cooked the coconut milk mixture for longer than the suggested 3 minutes, but apparently that wasn't enough because when I added the other ingredients it was much too moist. Next time I'll try cooking it longer to thicken it more. However, I added 1.5 additional cups of coconut, 2 more teaspoons vanilla, and 1/3 cup more sugar (I used Sucanat, or unrefined cane sugar which is healthier and gives the cookie a delicious hint of molasses) until the consistency was workable. I fully expected a failure, but they were quite the opposite. Once cooled, I dipped half the top of each in orange-chocolate. They were absolutely stunning, according to a large group of non-vegans.

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Hanna Louise January 12, 2010
Vegan Macaroons