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This is my standard Thanksgiving gravy recipe, but I make it a little differently. To answer VegeTara, this can be made without all the oil. Here's how I do it: I use more mushrooms and more onion. In 1 T. oil, saute them with the garlic until the onions are very soft. Add water (I use 4 cups water), nutritional yeast, soy sauce or Braggs, sage, pepper, and some veggie bouillon to taste. I get chicken flavored vegetable bouillon in bulk from a local health food store. (Don't ask me how they do that). You can also use Tema brand mushroom or vegetable bouillon cubes, which are found in the Kosher aisle of a regular grocery stosre. Don't add salt yet because the bouillon is salty. Now mix the flour with 1/2 cup water in a jar with a lid. Shake it like crazy until it's smooth. Bring your gravy to a boil and slowly stir in the flour mixture a little at a time until as thick as you like. Turn to low and simmer for 5 minutes to cook the raw taste out of the flour. Taste and add salt if necessary, but if you use bouillon and soy sauce, be careful. With only 1 T. oil, this is an almost fat free recipe once divided into servings. I've made it with the full amount of oil, and with just the 1 T., and honestly it tastes just as good without the larger amount of oil, so you can eat more!

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kokeshi doll June 04, 2009

I followed the suggestions of Kokeshi Doll (who reviewed this recipe earlier) and made this recipe with only 1 T olive oil and about 3 cups water. I only used 1/4 flour (whole wheat), which I mixed with water in a jar first as Kokeshi Doll suggested (I like my gravy relatively thin). I used two packets of vegetable bouillon, and no salt. Really quite easy and delicious! We put it on vegan mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rice pilaf.

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blacklizard December 26, 2009

I followed this recipe, but at the end it seemed a bit salty. I added some ginger soy for a dash of flavor and a 1/4 tsp of sugar to neutralize it and it came out PERFECT. Even in my meat eating days, probably one of the best gravys I've had. You really can take this base recipe and make it your own. I recommend shitake!

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cookingwithskrillex December 18, 2012

YUM! I am a vegetarian and my daughter is a vegan. We have tried a few miso gravies but they are never quite right. This one is SUPER!! Loved it! It's easy, quick and tastes like gravy! LOL

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watson December 22, 2009

This is another good vegan gravy recipe! It's a little simpler than the few recipes I usually use, so I wasn't expecting it to be as good (common misconception I know)....but this really is tasty. I used braggs instead of soy and didn't find the need for the extra salt. I was also wondering if that 1/2 cup of oil was a misprint - obviously you don't need even close to that. Thanks Lindsey!

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magpie diner December 20, 2009

This was pretty good. I served it with seitan and added the optional mushrooms. I had to add much more water than called for to get it to my preference. I also used Bragg's instead of soy sauce. Alas, if there were only some way to make something this tasty without all the oil.

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VegeTara April 09, 2009

Who knew? Just whipped this up to have on hand for tomorrow (and whenever) because it solves three problems: what to do if the turkey doesn't render enough juices, what to serve my sweetie when he wants gravy on stuff like meatloaf, and what to serve (unadulterated) to his vegan daughter. Terrific recipe. The only changes I mage were to add a little vegetable broth powder and a little lemon pepper - also, no plain ground sage, so I used Bell's Poultry Seasoning. And I love that it can be made ahead - thank you thank you thank you!

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One Happy Woman November 26, 2008

This was really great and absolutely simple! I like thick gravy but this was too thick for me and I added extra water before serving. It seemed plenty salty as well, and did not add the additional salt as directed. It had a surprisingly complex flavor despite it being essentially water, garlic and soy sauce! (Or in my case, half soy sauce and half liquid aminos).

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EmilyStrikesAgain November 25, 2008

I used the basic steps of the recipe in order to make kosher poutine. The gravy came out somewhat boring, so I added some of my favourite spices in arbitrary amounts until I was satisfied. In addition, I doubled the amount of soy sauce which gave it a little more zest. Also, as we college students always do, I added some beer (about half a bottle of Rickard's honey brown). The result was an intense gravy with a bit of a risque'e twist, which made it ideal for poutine. Poutine is the perfect dish for a cold winter day, and this gravy is the perfect gravy for it.

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iwillgilyou May 29, 2008

I made this gravy to top some chickpea cutlets (hope to post the recipe soon!) from a new cookbook Veganomicon. My inital review would have given less stars. but I've kept this stuff around and reheated it all week to eat on baked potatoes, and it gets better each time. The initial product was WAY too thick & salty for my tastes. This is more of a spoon-onto-chicken-fried-steak rather than a pour-over-mashed-potatoes kind of gravy But I keep adding more water each time I reheat it, so the taste has mellowed out and the consistency has thinned a bit. I will definitely make this again, but I'll tinker with the flour/water ratio from the get-go next time. Thanks for posting. My other half was most pleased with his "homestyle" dinner.

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groovyrooby February 28, 2008
Vegan Gravy