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I love these pancakes! Used all buckwheat flour instead in place of quinoa and tapioca flour because I do not have these items. Regardless, they turned out great. This will be a staple for weekend breakfasts at our house. Thank you!

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teresalue November 09, 2012

No leftovers, so that's a sure sign that these worked out well! I subbed more cornflour for the quinoa flour as I just didn't have any. The wholegrain buckwheat flour made for a very dark and grainy looking pancake, but very healthy and so tasty with the cinnamon. I find vegan pancakes generally don't rise all that much as it is, but to help the process a bit I added about a tsp of vinegar to the soy milk, I think that helped a little. But even though they don't rise a lot, they are not dense or overly chewy. I also made sure to cover the pan with a lid while they were cooking - read somewhere that helps to make them rise. Will be adding this to my favourites file - cheers Prose!

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magpie diner February 05, 2011

I love all-buckwheat pancakes so, like teresalue, I replaced the other flours with buckwheat. Great recipe, yum.

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Rakiprince November 10, 2013

These were healthy and delicious! Usually when I make pancakes that are similar to this, I need to smother them with jelly on top, but the kids loved these as finger foods and didn't ask for the extra toppings! Instead of the cornflour I used millet, and instead of tapioca flour I used cornstarch. I put the quinoa and millet grains in my Vitamix and ground them into flour within seconds. The only other difference is that I doubled the recipe and added more rice milk until it was a more liquid consistency. I highly recommend them!

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ampfrances April 18, 2012

I left out the corn flour,used millet instead of quinoa (next time Im adding both),added some baking soda and used vanilla almond milk instead of soy. :) These were awesome!! My 8yr old daughter who is soooooo picky loved them!!! I added in organic frozen wild blueberries and some with banana and oh boy! I couldnt even photograph them for my vegan blog because they were gone!!! Thanks for the recipe :D

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VeganLdyBug May 18, 2011

Great versatile recipe!! I used sprouted buckwheat flour. Made one batch as written and another batch with millet instead of quinoa flour. Both turned out great. These don't get too fluffy probably because they use baking powder...baking soda would make it rise more/faster but I'm not sure how much you would use in place of the baking soda and if it would even work with the other ingredients. We did however use this batter for waffles as well (which normally use baking powder) and they turned out great. The flavor was great! Thanks Prose!! Made for Veg*n Swap 25!!

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Mindelicious August 06, 2010

I love this recipe! It is delicious! It is low fat, low carb and hearty! This will be a staple in my diet! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! mmmmmmmmmmm!! =)

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mamasavesbucks1980 February 24, 2013
Vegan, Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes