Vegan Cornbread

Total Time
20 mins
20 mins

I love this corn bread recipe. It offers you a choice of using whole wheat pastry flour and white flour in any combination of ratios. I have used it with the w.w. pastry and it is really yummy. It tastes a little hearty, but in a good way! Not over the top, if you know what I mean. It feels like you are eating something good for you, and it tastes good too! It's from the Horn of the moon cookbook (Ginny Callan). I have swapped out molasses for maple syrup or honey.

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  1. In separate bowls, mix together dry ingredients and another with wet ingredients. Then stir together until moist, adding a bit more water if needed to make a smooth consistency.
  2. Pour into 10-inch oiled pie plate and sprinkle top with poppy seeds.
  3. Bake 20 minutes at 400°F
  4. Serve with Butter or Tahini.
  5. 6 servings.
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I used applesauce instead of oil and an eggwhite because the mixture seemed very runny and I was afraid it wouldn't hold together. 25 minutes seemed cook the outside perfectly, yet the inside was still undercooked- which i find is the case with all cornbread recipes i've tried. The molasses adds a nice flavour and colour, especially making the outer crust darker than the inside. Not very sweet- which i like, and goes perfectly with a vegetarian chili.