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The only problem is that it lists maybe a bit too much flour, but I'm sure people can stop when it gets to the stage of the dough forming a ball. Other than that they taste fantastic and are almost gone already. I'll have to make some more seeing as I also have a little of the filling left over. Thanks for a great recipe. (:

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Reneeeee September 27, 2009

In fairness, I'm not an experienced baker or that fond of sweets in general, so weigh my comments according. I think this could be a great recipe, but these are the problem I had: * 1 cup of water was not nearly enough. After hand mixing in the first couple cups of flour, I had to add more water. I still had lots of extra flour for dusting the work surface both for kneading and rolling. * The filling was really sweet. Too sweet for the portion sizes. * Maybe the rolls could have been cut into 6-8 pieces each - for a total of 12-16 portions. * Most importantly, the time estimate is completely off. Not taking into account any slowness on my part or cooling time after coming out of the oven, I calculated the following times: 10 min for yeast mixture + 15 min for mixing/kneading dough + 60 min for first rising + 5 min (at least) for rolling/filling/cutting the rolls + 30 min second rising + 15 min baking = 2 h 15 min. In reality, it was at least to 2 h 30 min.

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KaryAnca June 29, 2008

i liked it, but im a defective chef and they came unraveled in the oven! but i liked it alot, and even my family enjoyed them, which is great. ^_^ the recipie made a little too much filling for my liking, but im very picky.

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MyzzLyzz December 03, 2007
Vegan Cinnamon Buns