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Yum, yum, yum! Before I was vegan and I'd TRY to make cookies, I'd fail miserably. They'd always out as hard as rocks or taste too salty or too sweet, there was always something! So when I was preparing to make these I made sure i only did half the amount JUST IN CASE. They were SO good! Everyone is my house loved them (and they're all non-vegans)
Be sure to use raw sugar, though. Also, I didn't have white flour so I used whole wheat, I'll try white flour next time, but you should definitely try out whole wheat. Not only is it healthier, but it makes them heavy and filling so that one or two is enough :)
I'll repost again when I use white flour and say which way I like them most.

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valariemariec March 13, 2011

Tasty cookie but took the advice of another cook and used raw sugar--it made the cookies grainy. Next time I'll stick with the recipe!

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Lila's mom April 23, 2011

I needed to make some quick lacto vegetarian chocolate chip cookies and this one could be made from pantry ingredients! To me, this is a good recipe as written--though I did use butter-flavored Crisco (what I had), cut the salt in half, added an extra tsp of vanilla, and added 1/4 cup milk (I know soy milk would work too) to help the dough come together. (It was still very crumbly. Like another reviewer I had to shape balls by hand. I did not flatten them and I would do this again--the cookies looked beautiful!) Next time I make these, I will probably cut back a bit on the molasses, but this is definitely a keeper! Update: These are a 5 star cookie the second day. The flavors have blended much better! Thank you again!

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Dwynnie May 13, 2013

This is awesome! I've made it twice now, once with oil and once with margarine, and both times it turned out fantastic! The only reason I give it four stars is because of the consistency, but, taking the advice of another reviewer, if you add a little soymilk, it turns out perfect!

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Rose Bud February 06, 2012

simply amazing. amazing.

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vegan chef lena December 05, 2011

These were fabulous. Easy to make. I cooked them for 10 minutes and they were soft on the inside and the perfect amount of crispy on the bottom. I took 25 to work and between 7 guys they were gone before lunch!

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kkmetz7 October 20, 2011

I was looking for a no-egg cookie recipe to make for my daughter and came across these. Nice flavor, but I agree with previous poster about needing time overnight to let the flavors develop - and mine came out really, really dense. Too much mixing? Not sure, guess I'll have to make another batch and see. ;) The dough by itself is pretty amazing!

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kimvox1 March 31, 2011

I would reduce the salt by half and let the dough chill overnight to develop the flavor more, but other than that they were really good. My neighbor even asked for the recipe.

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jayme.cat March 08, 2011

These cookies are amazing! Perfect texture and you could not tell the difference between dairy and vegan if you use this recipe and they rise perfectly (I rolled mine into balls). Don't let the dough fool you, just roll it up with your hands and they will hold together well after cooking and are chewy, not crumbly or flaky. If you follow directions they will not end up crumbly after cooking (but the dough will be crumbly before cooking which is why you should roll it with your hands and not with a spoon). I will never make dairy cookies again after making this!

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Momma Cypress September 23, 2009

These cookies are DELICIOUS!!!! I split the dough and made one part with chocolate and the other with mint chocolate. instead of chips, i used a normal swiss chocolate "bar" and just cut it up in lots of rough pieces. The dough was kind of crumbly but I stayed faithful and kneaded then rolled it into a long tube - just like the prefab. With no doughboy in sight, I sliced the cookies and then squished them flat before placing on the cookie sheet. I'm not a big fan of cookie "balls" and so prefer more flat and dunkable. Be careful with the temp and oven as it baked perfectly fine in the fan oven but burned in the toaster oven. I think it would be nice with walnuts too. thanks prudence and isa, my life just got a little sweeter!

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Chrige Von Kadhus February 17, 2009
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies