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I was really curious to try these after looking for nooch recipes-- glad I did! I don't keep margarine in the house due to health reasons; I used sunflower oil instead and it worked fine-- it was very crumbly so I added water bit by bit until it reached a cookie dough like consistency. I didn't really care about appearance so I just formed small balls with my hands to put them on the baking sheet. Took about 20 minutes to bake in my convection oven; but a few in the back got singed-- had an unpleasant tinge but the other crackers were really good. They had a slightly floury taste but the bite was just perfect, goes great with hummus. You don't taste the cheesy overtone until a little later. Very easy to throw together and I thought the thicker ones tasted better than the thin ones.

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the80srule May 24, 2010

well i ended up adding an extra Tbs of water to make the dough manageable (rather the consistency of biscuit dough) and simply cut into 1" squares as i had no suitable cookie cutters. total cooking time to get them golden was 18 min. i mis-read and rolled to about 1/8" thickness, oops! turned out good though. does taste very similar to gold fish crackers but will not be bright orange. mine were light golden (some more then others) with speckles from the pepper. could also try adding spices next time for variety. makes more then a big box of crackers, hopefully they keep well. thanks for a great, easy recipe!

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spiritussancto February 13, 2009

this recipe is from havecakewilltravel.com. please give credit where credit's due.

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celine May 14, 2008
Vegan Cheezy Quackers