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We adjusted this recipe to include real cheese, tofu and our favourite tofu marinade. Thanks so much for the inspiration of the recipe - it is a keeper for sure. Here is the link to our recipe created from yours! http://www.shannoncrow.com/vegetarian-cheesy-cabbage-casserole-with-tofu/

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Shannon C. November 29, 2014

Lots of flavor. My husband, toddler and I really enjoyed this casserole. <br/>I was in a hurry so I simplified it a little to just a few steps. Plus we are not fans of mushrooms. I made the brown rice and then added braggs and all of the seasonings to the rice. I skipped using the onions and mushrooms to eliminate that step all together. I put shredded cabbage in the dish, then the seasoned rice, then the can of tomatoes, and last a layer of daiya cheddar cheese. This was easier for me and still turned out great. Thanks for the recipe the flavors were great together.

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Emily loves being Vegan December 31, 2013

This is wonderful for a rainy day! Very comforting yet flavorful with just a bit of spice. It was easy to throw together (but did take more than 20 minutes if you count the chopping and grating) and didn't take even close to 55 minutes to cook in my oven. It was browning around the edges and the vegetables were tender after about 30 minutes in my oven. I used corn-based, gluten-free breadcrumbs and omitted the salt. Also, I cooked the onion with the mushrooms and "sausage" (soyrizo) instead of making it a separate layer. This was good with a small dollop of Tofutti brand vegan sour cream. My only complaint about this recipe (and it's minor) is that it's always nicer when the ingredients are listed in the order in which they are used in the recipe. Nonetheless, thanks for posting a real winner!

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Prose May 16, 2010
Vegan Cheesy Rice & Cabbage Casserole