Vegan Caesar Salad + Dressing

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by good idea

A genius invention of my own. As a vegetarian I got sick of going over to other people's houses and eating the same thing, a salad and baked potato. I'm a vegetarian, not an alien who only eats things that are green and grow in the earth!!! My family loves caesar salad and we never used a recipe until I made this salad. It's the only thing we'll eat now. This salad is tangy, has basic ingredients, and is simple to make.

Top Review by Marina K

This dressing is definitely flavourful, especially considering it doesn't use anchovies. I found it a little too "Dijon-y" for my taste - I might try using another kind of mustard or maybe horseradish next time? In general it was very potent, and I had to dilute it a bit with water and soy milk. Great concept though!

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  1. Make the dressing first! I blend everything (crush the garlic first) except for the oil and parmesan in my magic bullet. It's marvelous but if you don't have one use a blender or a cuisinart. You must taste! Your gut feeling will tell you if you need to balance something out but remember not to add too much. This mix of dijon and garlic can be lethal after it sits in the fridge, even for 5 minutes.
  2. Add oil. Drizzle it in or add in moderation. Once you have just about enough, add 1 Tbs of water. This will thin your dressing just a touch. Add 1/2 of your parmesan.
  3. Chuck it in the fridge, while you rip or cut (whatever you fancy or have time for) your lettuce.
  4. Mix at the last possible second, Caesars like to arrive fashionably late to the diner table. Add croutons and sprinkle parmesan to the nines. Serve with bread or something of the sort.
  5. Next time, try marinating something in this dressing. If you dare to try it, substitute all the oil for 2 tbs of butter and 1/2 tbs oil.

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