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I thought I'd ruined this soup when I pureed it having forgotten to take out the bay leaves first. But I fished out the stems, ran it through a strainer, and the bay flavor was nice. This soup tasted best after it had mellowed for a couple of days. I used cauliflower, but not the broccoli, and at first the cauliflower flavor overwhelmed everything else. But on the second day it all came together and tasted very good. The color was not appetizing however. We just had to ignore that and concentrate on the good flavor. On the third day I added some cooked black beans and this was a good addition. We ladeled the hot soup over crushed corn chips and that added a nice crunch. Very versatile recipe to add whatever you have on hand in the fridge.

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kokeshi doll October 26, 2007

What a way to eat your veggies! We modified this a bit and used what we had. The only thing that was less than appealing was the color..but the taste was awesome!

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hgsorrells January 09, 2011

Amazing soup! It uses so little water which makes it basically just blended vegetables. So creamy and so good. Mine turned out a very pretty green colour! Not unappetizing at all! Vegetable hating BF loved it!

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healthy but tasty January 15, 2008

This was great. I used broth instead of water but I dont think it needed it. Most excellent way to get your veggies with great taste, low carb and low fat. I will make this all the time.

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lisacm September 14, 2007
Vegan Blended Veggie "get-Better" Soup