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i made this today, and wow! it's amazing how much like bacon it tastes to me! i did have issues with the tofu going soft when i poured on the soy and smoke, and i started with cracker crisp strips of tofu. however, it did crisp back up again with a bit of cooking. i'm a reluctant vegetarian (dr's orders!) and bacon is the thing i miss the most. but boy, this is excellent! and totally satisfied my bacon craving!

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unrulyhedgehog June 10, 2010

Delicious. Just like bacon! I've made these twice. The first time I used plenty of oil to fry the tofu. The second time I didn't use hardly any. You need the oil to get the right texture. So easy to make. We ate them with BLT's and again with vegan mac n' cheese. I could have licked the pan I cooked them in. Thought about it for a second but realized that I would probably burn myself & decided to reserve a bit of dignity.

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megpell78 November 19, 2008

Excellent! I saw this and wanted to try right away even though I didn't have liquid smoke. I made only a couple of slices until I go to the store for the liquid smoke. I was shocked at how good it was and cooked a panful more. I think the nutritional yeast really adds to the bacon-y taste and I know the liquid smoke will make it even better. I didn't care for any tempeh bacon recipes I've tried and didn't think tofu bacon would work at all. I was so wrong. A great vegan recipe to keep!!!

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Vegan Foodie December 22, 2012

Delicious! Tried-n-true recipe I've been making for over 20 years. Some tips: use a cast iron pan and no oil. Trust- it won't stick.<br/><br/>Keep in mind that some people are a little... sensitive to nutritional yeast. Can produce the most powerful yet painless gas known to man.

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MonAccount May 30, 2013

Oh my goodness! I tried tofu on my husband about 16 years ago and he was so traumatized that the thought of it turns him green. I recently decided to go vegan and bring the family along for the ride and this was my first try at tofu as a main ingredient. hubby saw me making this and immediately wanted to go to the store for real bacon, but i told him how well it was rated on this site and convinced him to try it. he took his BLT into the dining room and a few minutes later came back with a clean plate asking for more! SUCCESS!!!! my 13 year old son ate two before i told him they were made with tofu. he was shocked! later, caught hubby eating the leftover "bacon" right out of the pan. The only thing i did different was use half of the liquid smoke that the recipe calls for. Thanks so much for posting!

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Chef Lizzie February 11, 2013

I made a double batch of this yesterday and it was scarfed down immediately. It is exceptional! I wasn't thinking when I cut it. If you lay it down and cut from the end you have perfect cuts. Not too thick though so it crisps up nicely. I turned the oven on and put it in there after coating and juices were absorbed while the rest cooked. I still had more to cook so it made it nice and crisp.

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Sheryl W. April 10, 2016

Not sure I did it right.. my block tastes delicious but it is not that solid.. it is more rubbery than a solid block. if i take it out of the fridge i have to be very gentle with it. did i do something wrong? there is no way i can shred this. any ideas ? i am new to vegan cooking.

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Darren M. January 18, 2016

Totally AWESOME recipe!!! i didn't have liquid smoke so i used smoked paprika instead? TASTES AMAZING!!!

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Natural Life October 08, 2015

Wonderful! The texture is exactly like the bacon I remember growing up! A few things I changed though. 2 tbsp was too salty for me! I only used half. I also tasted it just before adding the yeast and it still tasted great! You do lose a bit of flavour but it still tastes really great in case you can't get your hands on the yeast. Also, I cut my strips REALLY thin, and six minutes on each side was enough. You do want them crispy as possible (able to stand up straight with no wilting when held in the air.) One last thing; as with any tofu recipe it really helps the texture if you freeze and thaw the before cooking it. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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Amber E. January 22, 2014

So I ate some bacon today. For the first time in several years. Oh, I know it may have looked like fried tofu with some seasonings on it, but no, it was bacon. Seriously though, if you're a vegetarian, you know that there are NO good bacon substitutes. The texture, flavor, crispiness, none of it can be replicated. Although it turns out it CAN be! My girlfriend and I were stunned by this recipe. Stunned. I created my account simply to put in this review because it was so good I had to say something.

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snakewind August 12, 2013
Vegan Bacon