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Solid stew. Why didn't it WOW us? This smelled so GOOD during the 45-minute simmer. I think the peas may have brought it down a notch. We liked this so much that we plan to make this with young deer tenderloin to keep our costs in line. We used baby portabella mushrooms (largish cremini), and don't want to blame them for shortcomings. We shall continue to play with this, it has so much that is RIGHT. Thank you for offering this in Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL October 29, 2013

I adopted JennyMidget in Pick-a-chef Spring '11 and so far, I have a winner! The stew was wonderful! I made a few substitutions - Beef instead of veal, because the markets around here are barbarians/ I used a red onion instead of a brown, because it's not as strong as a brown, I added 3 chopped cloves of garlic to the onions. Instead of water, I used some chicken broth. I'm gonna kee this recipe and cook it manymany times in the future. Thank you Jenny!

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Ohmikeghod March 20, 2011
Veal Stew With Lemon and Dill