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Yes, this is a yummy recipe! I could not find veal, and used lamb shanks. I also used more veggies, and added finely chopped garlic when the dish was finished, so the flavour would not cook away. I did not simmer it on the stove (could not stay and watch it) but put it in a 140 deg C convection oven. (About 275 deg F). During the process on the stove I added a few swirls of honey, which counteracts the slight acidity of the tomato and adds flavour. One criticism: the ingredients as written are silly! The chef was sooo careful with his calculations for 2 people, that he went over the top. The recipe would appeal to more people if the tiiiny extra amounts he added (like 2 1/4 t olive oil) were left out. One caveat: watch the stew in the oven, as it will need more water or stock as it simmers. It must be covered, and I find it's very nice to have a pot with a glass lid so I can see right through. A delicious, comforting dish, heartily recommended -- just use your own judgment with those pernickety ingredient measures!! Thanks for a basically great recipe.

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Zurie March 07, 2013

This is very similar to my friend's recipe, he's a chef. I first had it at his restaurant and it was amazing. This recipe is almost an exact match and ohhh sooo good, thanks for sharing!!

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Cookin' in NJ February 14, 2010
Veal Osso Buco (Yummy)