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Oct 3/06 Excellant flavour, DH loved it and I will make it again, very easy and quick and good for us too! I used a red onion and added some sage to the ground turkey. Quite a different way to cook burger, with liquid, I used a can of chicken broth instead of the water and felt it added a lot of flavour and because of that I didn't use salt, just pepper. The gravey was great. Thanks for posting! Served with boiled red potatoes and asparagus. May 14/10... tried this using turkey meatballs, it was wonderful over noodles, I did add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and snipped some fresh from the garden chives into it. A lovely meal thanks!!

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Derf May 14, 2010

This made a tasty dinner. I added half an egg leftover from another recipe to the patties. I added some chopped zucchini to the mix and sauteed the veggies in a little olive oil before adding the bullion and water. This was a nice comfort meal without the comfort meal calories. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview May 08, 2013

My SO is doing a " Low Carb " thing, and I had some frozen turkey patties. So, I did a search and came across this recipe and decided to try it.Since it was just the two of us, I only used 4 turkey patties. I did do a few things different and they are as follows, first I seasoned both sides of the patties with salt,pepper, and a bit of Poultry Seasoning. Then browned them in a bit of veggie oil to give them some color. I followed the rest of the recipe as it was written.I did however had to add a bit of flour to thicken up the gravy. I really liked this recipe and my SO gave this a " Good Solid 4 ****'s " and coming from him that's a good review. :). Thanks for posting and " Keep Smiling : ) "

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Chef shapeweaver � January 11, 2013

i really enjoyed this. Used bison instead of veal/turkey and fat free beef broth instead of the 2 cups water with a boullion cube. Terrific dish and comforting

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MarraMamba November 07, 2007
Veal or Turkey Burgers W/Onion Gravy (Low Fat!)