Veal or Chicken Ham and Sausage Bundle ( Feuilleton De Veau)

Total Time
2hrs 5mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 1 hr 45 mins

Friends served a fabulous brunch - then shared the recipe for this wonderful combination of veal, ham and sausage roll baked in a parcel which has become one of my favorites for both brunch and buffets. It is not only delicious but looks so elegant with those lovely slices making for great presentation. Love when friends share! Chicken may be used instead of the veal.

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  1. In bowl break down sausage meat, add the chopped onions and chives, mix well.
  2. Gradually add the double cream, brandy, pistachio nuts, salt, milled pepper and the beaten egg mixing well to assure mixture is uniform.
  3. Bat out each escapole thinly - flatten veal between 2 sheets of non stick paper, try to make them the same length and width.
  4. Brush piece of foil large enough to make for a cover for the bundle with butter, place 6 slices of bacon length wise and 6 up and down.
  5. Place veal scallop over the bacon strips length wise, spread a little of the meat mixture over top, top with ham, more mixture, continue layering ending with veal.
  6. Bring sides of bacon together, then the ends, bringing up the foil to make for a tight bundle which resembles a roast.
  7. Place in roasting pan, cover with lid bake in a 325 oven for 1 3/4 hours, removing the lid after one hour.
  8. When cooked remove from pan, leave in foil and refrigerate until well chilled.
  9. Served on a platter with slices showing the layering makes for great presentation.
  10. Serving size a quesstimate as it depends on just how many items on the brunch or buffet table.
Most Helpful

Fantastic recipe Gerry. I went to the local butcher and purchased the chicken breasts and had them run the chicken through their tenderizer. They also pounded them ( no extra cost) Worked so well,saving me time and the chicken was all uniform in size. It assembled together beautifully. I could have had the ham a bit thicker but that was no problem. This recipe is a real showstopper and the flavor---delicious. A dish that I am proud to serve to guests. A real winner Gerry

Dotty2 March 08, 2010

Had this at CountryLadys appy party and its delicious

NoraMarie April 29, 2009

A complete winner! It was at the same Appy party that I tasted this. First I was so very impressed with the presentation and then thrilled with the taste. When I have the time and need to impress this will be on the menu! Thank you so much for posting it and thanks as well to Country Lady who prepared it for us.

K9 Owned April 29, 2009