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i usually hate homemade pizza but this was GREAT! I won't buy frozen pizza again. I made this exactly as the recipe called. The only thing i would do next time is use medium salsa. This time i used hot salsa and my mouth is on fire. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!

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rachelii February 26, 2007

The crust was my favorite part (and the dough was so pliable and no cracks). I will use the crust for other recipes, like pot pie topping. I was disappointed with my particular salsa choice (Paul Newman Medium) and found myself wishing I'd used a tomato/pizza sauce or a different brand of salsa. It reminds me of a similar Bisquick pie recipe that I've made in the past. I will make this again, though, and experiment with the top. This reheats very well, too. Thanks Bergy for posting. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado February 01, 2007

What a quick and convenient way to make pizza!! This was a nice change from regular pizza, and the biscuit crust meant that there was no waiting for the dough to rise (a real time saver). I made it exactly as written and it was devoured by my family. We usually like more toppings, so next time I think I would add some of my family favorites. The salsa really did add a nice, unexpected flavor. Thank you Bergy for sharing this great, timesaving recipe.

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Bayhill May 26, 2006
Vavavoom Biscuit Crust Beef & Mushroom Pizza