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Yogi has the best bread recipes on Zaar. We were going away to visit relatives over the weekend and I made up a batch of these braided and passed it off as challah. The egg yolks make this bread super rich, and the lemon zest makes it really special! I used soy milk to keep the recipe non-dairy, and kneaded the whole thing by hand (very good when you are super-stressed, I kept working the dough imagining it was all the people who had gotten up my nose that week). I braided the dough, but then baked them in loaf tins, so they rose up beautifully. Yogi, together with your Tasty Buns, you are my Bread Queen!

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Mirj March 30, 2003

Happy New Year! Joy & Peace in 2013

Chose not to braid and used a parchment collar to get a high rise ... cut '2013' into the dough with a very sharp knife.

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linkot_4965160 December 31, 2012

Wonderful! I made half of the recipe, making up one small braid, but shaping the rest of the dough into buns filled with apple cooked with honey and cinnamon. I got about 25 40-gram buns, and 1 235-gram braid. The dough is so easy to work with and delightfully tender and light. Thank you very much for the recipe, Yogi.

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mianbao October 19, 2003
Vasilopeta (Greek New Year's Bread)