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These pancakes were nice and fluffy. Golden brown on the outside and perfectly done on the inside. There is nothing worse then yummy looking pancakes that are not quite done in the middle. Someone ate the vanilla yogurt so I had to subtitute the strawberry yogurt that I had on hand. I also had to leave off the sliced fresh strawberries. I couldn't find any decent looking ones as it is in the middle of the winter. Once strawberries are in season I will make these again, this time using the vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberry slices and add that final star if needed. Thanks so much- this is the yogurt pancake recipe we will be using at our house!

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whtbxrmom February 16, 2010

These are definately without a doubt the best pancakes in the world. All of my neices and nephews call them the best pancakes in the world, along with all the rest of my family and anyone I have try them!!!!

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Aunt Becca aemackab December 17, 2008
Vanilla Yogurt Pancakes With Strawberry Syrup