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I have had vanilla sugar in my cupboard for awhile now and it's great to have on hand if you want to add a bit of something extra! I put it on my cereal in the morning.


  1. Fill a glass canning jar with the sugar and vanilla beans which have been cut into thirds After a week, you will have infused sugar that can be used in the place of sugar in cakes, pies, anything sweet!


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I bought vanilla beans (Tahitian and Madacascar) on Ebay and made extract and all kinds of goodies with them... I found that if I use the beans for a recipe and am left with the pod, I just throw it into a glass sugar dispenser and add sugar to it as it runs low... perfect vanilla sugar for any use!!! It's not overly strong, so it's great in any recipe that calls for a little bit of sugar... Thanks for sharing!!!

atlfitgirl August 05, 2008

This is excellent! I bought a bunch of vanilla beans off e-Bay and wanted to try making vanilla sugar. I doubled the recipe and used two Madagascar/Bourbon vanilla beans and two Tahitian vanilla beans. I shook the jar every day just to mix it up, the week it takes to infuse is definitely worth it!

Scarlett516 July 13, 2008

Wonderful! Vanilla sugar is one of my top choices to sweeten a cup of fresh brewed tea or tisane. Also wonderful in baked goods. The flavor of the sugar improves the longer it sits, and you can reuse the vanilla beans to make more flavored sugar for months on end. Thanks for posting!

BecR May 24, 2012

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