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Yes, this absolutely gets 5 stars! I did use the whole vanilla bean (YUMMMM!!!) and I didn't throw out the extra egg yolk - I aded it in withe the other 4 - didn't hurt the recipe at all (phew)!! It came out beautifully risen, light & fluffy & ohh sooo vanilla-ry!!! BUT...the recipe *as written*, needs some attention. Step 11-17 is where things get odd. It doesn't say that refrigerating the base then bringing it back to room temp is optional which I think it is...I didn't make the base ahead of time so after adding the egg yolks to the base, I let it cool to room temp and continued on as directed. I didn't bother with the plastic wrap & no 'skin' formed. :) The directions say to put the base in a 1qt container then put the saucepan in the ice-water bath (?) It calls for 1/4c grape juice...this is the 1/4c granulated sugar added to the egg whites. I just think it could be rewritten to be easier to follow & these few inconsistencies addressed. It is NOT a difficult recipe & I hope many people try it because the results are far more than worth the effort!!! I made this for PAC 9/06. Thank you for posting!!

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Elmotoo September 22, 2006
Vanilla Souffle