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This was a great recipe, it helped me alot with the tips and everything, I had tried a different vanilla genoise recipe before this one, and it came out like a rock. In this recipe it says do not put eggs over boiling water! and I did that in the first recipe (because thats what it said to do and it came out...bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I went online and got this recipe and it came out PERFECT!! It was fun using my hands to mix everything and check the temperatures..I will never need another vanilla genoise recipe again :)~erica ps thanks for this great recipe and culinary tips!

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iamadumpling March 16, 2011

this is a great recipe thank you chef i was looking for the one i have from my college pastry chef but havent been able to find it this is great great with italian meringue and pastry cream filling

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chef in training, lee September 13, 2009

this recipe is just SO GOOD. I was scared when he kept saying this was a dry cake, but it was just the most fluffiest, moist spongy, BEAUTIFUL cake EVER. This was my first successful spongecake/ genoise. I tried so many times before, but my batter kept falling whenever i added the flour and butter to my mixture. thankfully, this person gave me wonderful tips that i will use in every sponge cake recipe from now on. You dont really need cake flour..you can just use a cornstarch+ AP flour mixture for this one. oh..and im only 15

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krnxgloria July 14, 2008
Vanilla Genoise Cake