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Mizz Nezz, this is truly da BOMB!! As said before, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to bring it to 238 degrees, and do this very slowly. When you make fudge, patience is your friend. Have the butter and vanilla all ready to go in as soon as it comes off the heat. This step is called "seeding" the fudge. Don't mix those two things in. Just add them to your pan. Then let it sit completely undisturbed (and uncovered) until it reaches 110 degrees. This takes about an hour or so, depending on your room temperature. Have your final square pan all ready before you start beating the mixture. Then, I simply used my mixer to beat the cooked mixture until it started to get thick. Poured it into the square pan - I just lined the pan with overhanging foil, so that later all I had to do was lift the foil, reverse the fudge onto a cutting board, then peel away the foil - and it set up like a dream. Creamy as can be. I also made a lovely Christmas Candy Cane version, by using 1-1/2 tsp peppermint extract and 1/2 tsp vanilla. Then, I put red color on the top and swirled it quickly with a toothpick. Finally topped with 3 crushed candy canes. It was a huge hit, and has been specifically requested again this year. Taking the above measures, your fudge will have the perfect texture every time. Thank you, Miss Nezz!
A note for those whose fudge never set properly, this is caused by not cooking the mixture to 238. If you're absolutely certain your thermometer read 238 degrees, then verify that it's properly calibrated. Put it in a pan of water and heat the water. When it comes to a boil, your thermometer must read 212 degrees. If not, then pitch it and buy another. There is no other reason for soupy fudge. Grainy fudge can be caused by too much humidity (or by getting even a drop of water into the cooked mixture as it cools,) which is why it's always recommended that you make fudge on dry days. Those are the two most common mistakes made by would-be fudge makers.

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baricat December 16, 2010

I read the reviews and thought I might have found a recipe that I wanted to keep, but boy was I wrong!!! I've made many types of fudge over the years, and haven't found a "keeper" for vanilla fudge and this definately isn't a keeper! It's outcome was grainy and the vanilla tast was too strong! I definately wouldn't waste my time or money on this recipe!

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tbug December 21, 2010

I screwed up the recipe but it still came out good-- namely I made a mistake with the butter, I melted all of it first then added everything else heh. I agree with Yellow Lab Lover about the vanilla, it was a bit overpowering for my taste. Next time I'll halve the vanilla, and maybe the butter too. I just melted everything together then let it simmer on low heat til it thickened, poured it in the pie pan, and let it refridgerate overnight. (Cuz I am way too lazy to do all those steps, and did it without a candy thermometer I just used my instinct on the heat levels.) When I woke up, there was some awesome creamy fudge. :D

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the80srule October 04, 2009

I have to give this recipe 5 stars because even when i thought it was ruined last night as everything seized on me in the bowl, i put the blob in my pan, pressed it out with my hands covered it with plastic and this morning i have a super creamy rich fudge. The vanilla was a little over powering but that's a personal preference. i didn't add the nuts, will do next time.

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Yellow Lab Lover July 16, 2009

It has a wonderful taste, but I'm not waiting so long to stir it next time as it hardend so much I had to reheat it and I followed the directions exactly. But its definently a keeper!

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mandy_26_86 May 20, 2009

AMAZING TASTE! But it did disapoint me because it had the consistency of sand :/ great taste thou!

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mackenzielee7 September 16, 2014

BEST. FUDGE. EVER! I followed the recipe exactly... I stirred the whole time and made sure that all steps were completed (especially temperatures!!)... Also, I used baker's sugar. During the stirring phase before setting, I added my walnuts. The recipe came out better than expected and this was my first time ever making fudge. The constant stirring during heating was somewhat tedious but it was WELL worth it! I'll definitely be making this for gifts! xo<br/>Thank you MizzNezz!!

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Barrel21 July 17, 2013

i am NEVER making this fudge again, it barely made 4 pieces it burnt and stuck to everything, it is NO WHERE near creamy, it looks orange and like barf and burnt..... i didnt like this AT ALL.

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JustCallMeSadia July 15, 2013

The consistency was terrible! Hard as a rock and grainy to boot. The vanilla flavor is very strong, but I like that, which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one. Definitely will not make this one again though, I like my fudges soft.

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leomom1999 February 01, 2011

This came out like caramel consistancy...very disappointed in it.

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CrissyN November 28, 2010
Vanilla Fudge