Vanilla Extract

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Recipe by wildheart

This is a wonderful alternative to store-bought. You can get the beans in a health-food store.

Top Review by oilpatchjo

I used a triple distilled vodka expensive and some really beautiful vanilla beans {I bake a lot and I love the flavour of vanilla so the expense is well worth it}. It smells wonderful!Thanks for posting this recipe I will never buy vanilla from a store again. Update from 2005 to 2008 the vanilla extract has gone beyond my expectations a hint from Barefoot Contessa of Food TV fame. The beans can be used whole by taking them out and just holding the bean at the top and squeezing out the vanilla seeds. 2010 still using my vanilla just add more vodka and vanilla beans and magic more vanilla extract. My baking experience is wonderful because of this vanilla extract! Thank You, for posting!


  1. Put the vodka in a sterilized glass container.
  2. Break or chop the beans into pieces and drop into the vodka.
  3. Cover the vodka with a lid.
  4. Let sit on a shelf for 2 weeks, shaking every other day.
  5. Use a tad bit less than you would regular vanilla extract.
  6. When you are gettting low, just add more vodka if the beans still smell good.

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