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I could not resist making this pie after I saw the beautiful picture... Add the fact that I love *anything* vanilla, and well, I am in heaven!!! I used Graham Cracker Crust for the crust and since I did not have a pie pan, used a 9 in glass pan. I love, love, love sweetened condensed milk ( I have been known to lick the can...lol) and this pie was just perfect for me. I made it in the microwave in my 4c pyrex cup... so easy to mix it all up and only one cup to clean! I cooked it on HIGH on 2 min increments, whipping after each, for a total of 6 or 8 minutes... My BF loves chocolate cream pie using this recipe but adding cocoa powder... but my favorite has to be the vanilla version. I also chose to serve it with whipped cream... So sweet, milky, and delicious! Thanks for posting!!!

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atlfitgirl April 07, 2008

This came together easily, I chose to serve it cold with whipped cream. I thought the 'vanilla cream' was just so so but my guests asked for the recipe and had seconds so I took the average of our votes. I expect this to be requested again.

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Mgnbos April 03, 2008
Vanilla Cream Pie