Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins
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  1. Combine all ingredients in a pint sized jar.
  2. Shake well to blend.
  3. Store in a cool dry place, and use as normal coffee creamer.
  4. *Nutra-SweetSpoonfuls or Sugar Twin may be substituted for the powdered sugar, to accommodate diabetic diets.
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I just whipped up a batch of this in my food processor. While it worked quite well... I still ended up with vanilla stuck to the bottom and a few clumps. I still love the idea though. And the flavour is wonderful. This is a great treat.

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If I didnt make it, I would have thought that it was a bought coffee. Perfect! Next time I will put it in the mini blender to make the vanilla blend in really nice. Im not sure if I can find powder vanilla, would try that. I added xtra vanilla, just my preference.! Thanks for posting!